We are seeking original, high quality proposals for special sessions, to be included in the technical program along with the regular track. Special sessions are expected to address research in focused, emerging, or interdisciplinary areas of particular interest, not covered already by traditional SSP sessions.

Before submitting a proposal, please consider the following. Each special session should consist of 6-9 papers. Your proposal must include a list of contributors, so before submitting your proposal, please check with them and make sure that they agree to submit a paper. Special session proposals are due by 24 November 2017, and acceptance notifications will be sent out by 8 December 2017. If your proposal is accepted, your contributors will be required to submit their paper by the regular paper deadline (26 January 2018, 6 February 2018). Special session papers will go through the regular review process. Hence, your contributors may need to begin preparing their papers before your proposal is accepted. If the proposal is rejected, your contributors will still have the option of submitting their papers as regular papers. Please note that all sessions (regular and special) are poster sessions.

Your special session proposal should contain the following information:

1. Title of the special session
2. Name and contact information of the session organizer(s)
3. Rationale and outline: Please motivate your proposal and state why the topic is timely and relevant. Briefly illustrate how the session will be  organized, possibly commenting on which aspects of the topic will be emphasized and how they will be covered.
4. List of contributors: Please list all participating papers, including the title and list of authors for each paper.

Please email your proposal to special-sessions@ssp2018.org by 24 November 2017.