Alan Edelman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Geometry, Julia and Linear Algebra
Video recording available for Signal Processing Society Members
Monday, 11 June
Emperors’ Hall
15:30 – 16:30


This “something for everyone” talk will preview some new geometrically based insights into statistical techniques, and we will also show what research into the Julia computing language has to offer for users of all computing languages.

Bio Sketch:

Alan Edelman is a Professor of Applied Mathematics, and member of MIT’s Computer Science & AI Lab.

He has received many prizes for his work on mathematics and computing, and is a founder of Interactive Supercomputing, Inc. and Julia Computing, Inc.

He received the B.S. & M.S. degrees in mathematics from Yale in 1984, and the Ph.D. in applied mathematics from MIT in 1989 under the direction of Lloyd N. Trefethen. Edelman’s research interests include Julia, high-performance computing, numerical computation, linear algebra and random matrix theory. He has consulted for Akamai, IBM, Pixar, and NKK Japan among other corporations.