Sunday, 10 June

Welcome Reception

Emperors’ Hall in the Historical Merchants’ Hall

We welcome you to Freiburg with a reception in the Emperors’ Hall of the workshop venue. With its stucco ceiling, stained glass windows, and historical paintings of German Emperors, this Hall is a dignified place to commence our workshop. You will have an opportunity to sample some local cuisine, beer, and wine.

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Freiburg City Tour

Meet in front of the Historical Merchants’ Hall

Directly after the welcome reception, we offer you a choice of either a historical city tour or a live performance with actors exploring the city.

On the classical tour, we will stroll through the old part of town and show you the main streets and squares in Freiburg, its little streams („Bächle“) and alleyways with the colorful mosaics made of Rhine pebbles, the Cathedral Square (Münsterplatz) with its merchant town houses and secular buildings, telling you all about Freiburg´s rich history. 
A tour of the Gothic cathedral is the highlight of the tour.

Alternatively, you can explore the city with one of three live performances with actors: The Witch of Freiburg, The Harlot, or Berthold Schwarz – The Inventor of Blackpowder. More details about the live performances, along with profiles of the actors can be found at the Freiburg Living History website.

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