Tuesday, 12 June


Schlossbergrestaurant Dattler

The Schlossbergrestaurant (Castle Restaurant) Dattler is arguably one of Freiburg’s finest restaurants, serving local food from the Baden region. It is located on the hills of the Schlossberg (Castle Hill) and offers a spectacular view of Freiburg’s old town and Cathedral. We will begin our evening with an aperitif on the outside patio overlooking Freiburg and then enjoy some local food and wine. Visit the Schlossbergrestaurant Dattler website for the history of this beautiful 136 year-old restaurant (only available in German).

The restaurant can be reached on foot in 15-20 minutes from the workshop venue on a pleasant walk through the old town and a brief stroll up the Schlossberg on a paved footpath (elevation gain: 75 meters/250 feet). If you prefer not to hike up the hill, you can take the Schlossberg-Bahn, a funicular railway, which eliminates the hill climb. The top station is right next to the restaurant. Please inform our staff at the registration if you would like to take advantage of that option.

Walking route to the Schlossbergrestaurant Dattler

Walking route to the Schlossberg-Bahn

The Schlossberg-Bahn station is located directly behind Café Marcel in the Stadtgarten.

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